Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shiny First Post

TIME: 3:18pm.
DAILY QUOTE: "It ain't no use to sit and wonder why, babe." - Bob Dylan

Here begins the chronicles of the chronically under-employed. I'm sitting in the zine shop, minding the fort while Ms Susy Soup Kitty Kapow Pow is at her NEIS course. I volunteer here two days a week.

It feels weird to be embarking on a blog about my (usually disgruntled) job search journey. Sort of anti-productive; as though by the mere act of doing this I am screaming to the world "see! I am a slacker entire! This is why I don't have a job!"

Still, I find the process of job-seeking at turns both frustrating and despair-inducing and I can sense in the marrow of me that writing about it will make it less dire. And really, it can be so funny. You wouldn't believe the number of totally fucking odd jobs and interviews I've had and the ways in which I've gotten them.

I'd like to think there's something universal and existential in the slog of finding paid (hopefully meaningful) employment. It challenges so many of our expectations, our fears and hopes for ourselves and our fragile self-regard. It can also be an isolating, shameful experience. Nobody wants to be that one at the party when everyone asks that question "so, what do you do?"

I hope you like this blog. I hope it isn't inane. Mostly, I hope you see some of yourself and your own silly funny crazy important struggles in it.

much love. and hope.


  1. Nobody wants to be that one at the party when everyone asks that question "so, what do you do?"

    No, but in such a situation I would much rather be unemployed and give a creative answer which outlines my hobbies and interests than to simply state my employment status and job description, which generally happens to be the response =)

  2. I agree with Andrew :) You're a very interesting person with or without a job :) you don't need a job title to be exciting and fun at a party :D

    But I think I will definitely identify with this blog! Job hunting sucks :S Ive done a lot of it, I move around and change jobs heaps and its tough!

    *sends of vibes of moral support to new blog*

    I actually have a friend on LJ who has a similar blog, and his LJ is a bit like it, he gets fired from every job :S and has been job hunting for years, its kinda sad, hen seems like a lovely guy, but has bad luck, and maybe bad social skills or something (?!)...anyway I should find his blog, hes really into doing things with no money and being poor and stuff, quite creative :)

  3. Thanks for the support guys!

    I think I like your moxie, Andrew. I admit I like the creativity required to answer that question sans job. I usually say "I'm an emerging writer".

    No, I don't. That would be bone-smashingly wanky and I'd rightly get a smack on the bottom if I did say it.

    No, usually I say something like "oh, I work with community arts organisations." Which SOUNDS impressive and PAID. In reality, 'tisn't. But whatever works!