Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nude Models Wanted

TEA SITUATION: working on one currently

I've done a bit of amateur life modeling before, but today I saw advertised a job that paid $75 an hour to get your kit off.

The job is with Naked Australians.

It doesn't look or sound like porn, but it also seems a far cry from posing for students at a TAFE. The latter is more my speed. I guess this derby gal is going to keep her knickers on for now. Though actually, does anyone know of a TAFE, Uni or artist that needs life models? I find it quite fun.

One of my friends mentioned to me that she knew a local gal who was a working dominatrix and she earned good money (sadly she already has an apprentice - that was my first question). One of my mates is a kick-arse DJ. Yet another gets paid to sell books. How do people get these amazing jobs? My brain melts, honestly.

Can someone pay me to skate, bitch about fandom and drink tea? Yes please, nao kthx.

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